Sublimation Pantone Color Matching Charge

A PMS (Pantone) Color Match Charge of $20.00 will be added where a PMS Color Match is requested.  PMS Color Match Charges are per color.  To avoid PMS Color Match charges, you may request a color from our stock color swatches.  Or, if you provide vector art with colors embedded, we can print that artwork as is.  However, because the colors must be converted to RGB before printing, the printed colors may not match exactly to the original file that was provided.

Due to the limitations of the Sublimation Printing process, an exact PMS Color Match is not always possible.  We will work to get the requested color as close as possible to the color swatch in the Pantone Color Formula Guide.  A 100% exact match is not guaranteed.

Due to the inconsistencies in computer monitors and printers, the colors in a virtual proof will most likely not be accurately represented.  Your computer monitor may display the colors a little differently and your printer may print the colors a little differently than the actual color.  For this reason, if you would like to see an example of a sublimated PMS color swatch before production, they will be available at Engraphix for you to see.  If you would like a physical proof of a finished product, a full item charge at a quantity of 1 will be incurred.

In the Sublimation printing process, there is no white ink to be printed.  Anything that is white in a print will have no ink printed and be the color of the substrate.  Please see the "There is no white." examples to the left.  As you can see, if the spaces inside the letters, such as the "e" or "o" needed to be white, this print must be printed on a white background.  When the print is put on a pink background, the spaces inside the letters are now pink. 

The background color of the substrate will also change the colors within the print.  All colors will be shifted to a shade that includes the background color.  As an example, a yellow print put on a red background will look orange because yellow + red = orange.

Each substrate can also have an effect on the color of the print.  When matching a PMS color, we are using a white-background substrate.  However, each different product, even though they are white, can slightly change the color of the print.  If the background is something other than white, a dramatic change may occur, as stated in the previous paragraph.

Our standard colors are:

Yellow - PMS 109

Athletic Gold - PMS 123

Orange 1 - PMS 021

Orange 2 - PMS 159

Scarlet Red - PMS 186

Red - PMS 485

Cardinal Red - PMS 194

Burgundy - PMS 222

Maroon - PMS 1817

Brown - PMS 467

Reflex Blue - PMS Reflex Blue

Light Blue - PMS 2925

Royal Blue - PMS 286

Navy - PMS 282

Violet - PMS Violet

Purple - PMS 269

Kelly Green - PMS 347

Forest Green - PMS 3435

Neon Pink - PMS 806

Grey - PMS 431

Black - PMS Black